From the recording Johnny Hilton 1978

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You call me up and tell me that you’ve two kids and a home
Their daddy makes good money but you hate to be alone
It’s years since I’ve laid eyes on you, now we’re talking on the phone

And it all seems like just the other day
Sometimes no one answers when I ask a reason why
Did I say believe me and then watch you start to cry
Is it someone else’s dream that makes it all seem real
I forget, won’t you tell me how you feel

Time slips along you know
For some it’s almost gone you know
Mine is right now and so
I’ll sing for you, Oh let it ring true

Children born to friends of mine they learn and love and need
Old folks who can’t see so well, still life’s lessons they can read
They’ll tell you all they can about the things that they have seen
Like the children they are learning
Like the children they are yearning
To be free